Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bye, Bye Skinny Jeans

Well, the time has come. I've officially packed up all my skinny jeans and embraced the full-belly panel look.

Now normally I'm one to give up comfort for fashion, and I'm a bit of a label whore, so I had some pretty snotty, preconceived notions as I entered the maternity store (with my nose scrunched up...I'm positive I looked disgusted and terrified all at once). I had visions dancing in my head of ruffled front tops ew, drawstring denim button ups gross, and large floral muumuus gag me.    

But after the nice sales manager there gave me some non-threatening options to try, my whole world changed in that little dressing room.


Do you even KNOW how much you can eat with these things on? I mean seriously, there is no "oh man I feel so bloated my pants are tight." You could just keep going and going and the pants go with you. I will never have to unbutton my pants at the movies again (don't act like you haven't done it you liar.) And Thanksgiving??? OMG WATCH OUT.

Dear God I may never go back. I have been ruined.

How far along? 22 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Ok no more bragging, I finally gained 2 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Helllooooooo stretchy pants!
Stretch marks? No, hopefully the 1,000 creams I bought work.
Sleep: Sleeping great with my giant new body pillow.
Best moment this week: Discovering full belly panels.  
Miss Anything? Some day I might miss something more than booze.
Movement: YES! Finally some little kicks!
Food cravings: Cake donut + icing + sprinkles please. (Very specific, I know.)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada!
Have you started to show yet: Yes, but not enough for strangers to be brave enough to ask.
Gender: Girl. 
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Starting to put the nursery together.

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